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The 16th Meeting of the ACRPS Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies held its 16th regular (quarterly) meeting on 26 October 2018. Held at the campus of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, the session began with remarks from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Taher Kanaan. Also in attendance were Members of the Board: Dr. Khalil Hindi, Dr. Tarek Mitri, Dr. Amat Al Alim Alsoswah and Dr. Ghanem Al Najjar. The members received a detailed report of the Center’s activities covering the period from October 2017 to February, 2018, presented by ACRPS General Director Dr. Azmi Bishara. They were informed of an increase in the number of publications, including the new English-language periodical al-Muntaqa, and in general activities and conferences. Information was also presented about the most important projects launched by the Center, including the projects to document the history of the Syrian Revolution and the Palestinian national movement. The Board of Directors also listened to the ideas of ACRPS management regarding concentrating on the quality of research output and communication with global research institutions. The Board also discussed the Center’s most important achievements and its existing research programs, like the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language, which is to be launched on 10 December; the Arab Opinion Index; and the Democratic Transformation and Stages of Transition in Arab Countries project. It then reviewed the program of future activities and programs and the activities of the Center’s various branches.